AGI-4 | Precision Decisions

guidance & autosteer



The AGI-4’s all-in-one, modular design incorporates the antenna, receiver and steering controller in a single component, offering unmatched upgradeability. AGI-4’s steering system features state-of-the-art inertial sensors and full terrain compensation for superior line acquisition and holding capabilities.

Performance improvements of 5-10% can be achieved for cultivations, drilling, fertiliser applications, spraying, and harvesting. Auto-steer systems can be fitted to steer-ready machines, or retro-fitted to older models whch are not steer-ready.

Steering systems are often used in conjunction with auto-section control for sprayer control, while manual guidance (lightbar) systems may be more appropriate in some situations.

Auto-steer systems are typically made up of a GNSS receiver (e.g. Topcon AGI-4), steering wheel (e.g. Topcon AES-25) or steering wheel controller, and in-cab screen. Steer-ready machines will not require an electric steering wheel as their existing wheel will be capable of control. Wheel angle sensors may be required for non-steer-ready machines, and add extra accuracy to the function of an electric steering wheel.


  • Reduce overlaps and travelled ground
  • Improve fuel efficiency and productivity
  • Reduce input costs and carbon footprints
  • Increase operator comfort and improve error margins