SGR-1 | Precision Decisions

guidance & autosteer


Compact receiver for guidance and section control

The SGR-1 is a GNSS receiver suitable for agricultural uses, compatible with OmniSTAR subscriptions but not capable of RTK performance.

Topcon’s SGR-1 satellite receiver features TruPass advanced positioning technology for higher, more stable pass-to-pass accuracies in dynamic agricultural applications. The SGR-1 benefits from faster satellite acquisition and simultaneous processing of both GLONASS and GPS signals, and can receive SBAS signals including EGNOS, WAAS, and Omnistar.


  • Single baud recevier with position update rate of 10Hz (upgradable to 20Hz).
  • 32 universal channels tracking different combinations of GPS L1 C/A, code and carrier, GLONASS L1 code and carrier, and SBAS.
  • Emulated radar out for ground speed simulation.