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Mapping & Yield Mapping

Boundary Mapping

Accurate field boundaries are invaluable for job planning and efficient farm management, and boundary mapping at different scales can have various uses across your farm.

Precision Decision’s MiFarm app allows quick and easy sharing of field locations, boundaries, and features between managers, staff, contractors, and visitors – scribbled sketch maps and hasty directions are a thing of the past!


For fieldwork, accurate boundary maps and field sizes aid workload planning, product ordering and distribution, and working efficiency. In combination with technologies such as auto-steering or spray control, boundary maps are a key part of field information. Boundary maps may be recorded using existing farm systems where these are capable, or Precision Decisions can capture RTK boundaries on farm.


  • Invaluable for job planning and efficient farm management
  • Manage workload planning
  • Efficient product ordering and distribution
  • Key part of field information