Mapping & Yield Mapping

Protein Mapping

In-field crop protein mapping gives key information on crop characteristics in real-time, providing a timely picture of crop qualities at harvest.

Through the CropScan 3000H it is possible to measure crop protein and moisture at harvest, so there is no need to wait until a field is harvested before finding out whether it has met protein targets.


The 3000H uses near-infrared technologies to measure protein and moisture during harvest. The system consists of a near-infrared spectrometer, remote sampling device, and a touchscreen PC which combines analysis data with GNSS information to create real-time maps. The sampling device is placed so that grain travelling up the clean grain elevator falls into the sampler, which controlers grain flow in and out using a number of flaps. When the sampling device is filled, the grain trapped in the sampling chamber is analysed, and then released. The whole cycle takes approximately 7-11 seconds and is then repeated.


With calibrations for wheat, barley, and oilseed rape, the CropScan 3000H provides an in-field indication of protein and moisture levels as the crop is harvested, giving the farmer a timely and accurate picture of crop qualities.



  • Measure crop protein at harvest
  • Measure crop moisture at harvest
  • Real time picture of crop qualities