RDS Artemis | Precision Decisions

Mapping & Yield Mapping


A variable rate control and monitoring system for seed drills

The RDS Artemis removes the need for a mechanically driven land wheel by operating the metering unit with an electric motor maintaining its speed proportional to forward speed. Suitable for both seed or seed and fertilizer, the RDS Artemis is for fitting onto drills with an Accord-type pneumatic metering system. Upgrading your seed drill with technology found on higher value machines maximises field efficiency and prolongs drill working life, deferring capital expenditure. The system comprises an electric motor with sufficient power and torque for most types of conventional pneumatic metering units. A radar forward speed sensor provides a signal to the Motor Control Module, which controls the motor speed proportional to forward speed.


  • Pre-start facility – to prime the seed mechanism before drilling
  • Simple & fast operator product calibration – press Drill Priming Button
  • Calibration ‘on the move
  • Integrated SD card reader
  • Precision Farming capability – add an RDS GPS 16
  • Printer option
  • Artemis also provides all the essential seed drill control and monitoring functions including:
  • Forward speed, tramline count & control
  • Two area totals (partial and total)
  • Fan speed
  • Hopper level alarms