RDS Ceres 8000i, yield monitor | Precision Decisions

Mapping & Yield Mapping

Ceres 8000i

The RDS Ceres 8000i uses precise optical sensing technology to monitor, display, and record grain yield alongside moisture content, speed, area, work rate and harvest rate.

The Ceres’ in-cab unit has a number of features for ease of use, including live, wet, dry, and average readings, with an integral SD card for data storage and an easily adjustable cutting width.

Yield maps provide a key layer of information for precision farming. In addition to representing the crop just harvested, they can indicate in-field variability, provide a benchmarking tool, and allow the calculation of crop nutrient offtakes.

When properly handled and analysed, multiple years of yield maps can provide valuable insight into field variation. When combined with other spatial data the potential power of yield maps is increased. Because the handling of yield maps is key to the full use of their potential, yield map cleaning is a popular part of our data management services.


  • Live, wet and dry average readings
  • Integral SD card for data storage
  • Record moisture content, speed, area, work rate and harvest rate
  • Proven optical sensing technology