Precision Decisions’ online mapping portal.

MiFarm & MiFarm App

Precision Decisions’ online mapping portal, MiFarm, is designed to be a simple and intuitive online platform for field mapping and map display.

Our soil sampling services are already fully integrated with MiFarm, displaying analysis results as soon as they are transmitted to us from the lab. MiFarm is compatible with GateKeeper for the import of field names and boundaries so it is quick and easy to transfer field information, and it also syncs completely with our MiFarm app so you can take your information out into the field with you. We are currently working on a number of exciting developments which will make the portal even more useful while still remaining easy to navigate.

To register your interest in MiFarm and discuss your requirements further, click here.

The MiFarm App is the ideal way to keep your farm maps on your phone.

The phone app has been designed to complement our online MiFarm portal, the Precision Decisions online system allowing you direct access to your field data. The app synchronises to your existing MiFarm information and allows you to capture field data in real time from the field, to use and store within MiFarm.


Automatically add fields and log boundaries or areas as you go
Manually add field boundaries or areas with the intuitive drawing tool
Synchronisation between app and office for offline use
Add GPS referenced points – weed patches, disease, poor crop, drainage points
Stand in an area and mark it as noteworthy area of adjustable size
Navigate to a field or point using the compass arrow and distance countdown
Send directions to fields and points via email to open in mapping websites
Export boundaries in .csv format for import to applications including GateKeeper
Synchronise all captured data back to MiFarm.

Download the app via the iTunes App Store.


  • Features of MiFarm Desktop
  • GateKeeper compatible
  • Syncs with MiFarm App
  • Select fields to be sampled
  • Displays soil analyisi results
  • Features of Mi Farm App
  • Designed to complement our online portal
  • Allows direct access to your field data
  • Capture field data in real time on the field
  • Synchronises to your existing MiFarm
  • To register your interest in MiFarm and discuss your requirements further, click here.