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MiSat, a simple low cost intuitive tool for all farmers to allow you to assess the variability in your land.

When you take out a subscription to MiFarm you receive two FREE full farm satellite variability assessments EVERY year.


MiSat gives you access to continuously updated variability images of your land anywhere in the UK and enables farmers to improve farm yields through better crop management, increasing farm profitability and reducing negative environmental effects by improving the efficacy of application of inputs. it helps you to answer the question – ‘Do I have enough variability to benefit from precision agriculture?’

MiSat is a module of MiFarm, our low cost entry point into precision farming and is included within the annual fee.

Precision agriculture previously lacked simple tools to allow farmers to understand the level of variability in a non-invasive way, therefore preventing justifiable business decisions around precision farming, MiSat is an answer to this problem and allows you to build your business case for any investment in precision agriculture.

Automated processing of Earth Observation (EO) data derived from the Sentinel 2 satellite, generates variability images for your fields delivered to you from the MiSat module within MiFarm and helps you to make smarter decisions about precision farming technology and services without the prohibitive investment costs.

Who is it for and how does it work?

MiSat and MiFarm is great for small and large farms alike and is useful for Arable, Dairy and Mixed Livestock units. It is the Low cost/low risk entry point into precision farming.

Here’s how it works

  • Purchase an annual subscription to MiFarm at £49.95 + VAT and receive free access to our MiSat module.
  • Order up to 2 x variability assessments of your farm for FREE every year.
  • Each assessment is for a single farm unit.
  • Only whole farms units, not individual fields can be selected.
  • Select up to two of your farm units for free.
  • Or Select the same farm twice at different points in the growing season.
  • Pay for additional assessments at just £0.10 per hectare once you’ve used your two free assessments.
  • The images appear on your MiFarm software on your PC or mobile through a web browser or directly through the APP on an Apple device.
  • Assess your variability!

Satellite variability (NDVI) as seen in MiFarm

To register your interest in MiSat and MiFarm and discuss your requirements further, click here.





  • Two FREE variability assessments every year
  • Low cost and easy to use
  • Great for small and large farms
  • Useful in Arable, Livestock and Dairy
  • Non invasive way of assessing variability
  • Variability assessment across the whole farm
  • No other tools like this on the market
  • Industry first
  • To register your interest in MiSat and MiFarm and discuss your requirements further, click here.