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RTK Survey

RTK survey highlights the ideal locations for a base station

RTK Survey

The Precision Decisions RTK survey is designed to highlight the ideal locations for a base station and the estimated coverage that it will be able to provide.

Smart placement of your RTK base station and radio mast

RTK signals are influenced by the same factors as normal GNSS signals, including interference from trees and buildings. In addition, an RTK rover requires a stable radio link to the base station; this link is also subject to weakening. Since these signals are travelling across the surface of the earth, rather than being transmitted from space like GNSS, local land topography plays a huge part in signal strength.

Why do an RTK survey?

Installation of a radio mast is a timely process and can have a dramatic effect on the performance and signal reliability of your RTK system. Undertaking a survey as part of your preparation ensures that the location chosen is the most suitable for your coverage area. It can aid in choosing the correct location, highlight possible weak signal areas, and allow you to identify nearby farms which may want to rent the signal from you.

Would you like to know more? 

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RTK surveys will typically take into account the following factors, depending on data availability:

  • average climate conditions
  • base antenna gain and height
  • transmission power
  • risk of signal loss through cable, connections, and trees
  • frequency of transmission
  • interference from radio masts (TV, radio, mobile network providers)
  • base station elevation
  • rover elevation, antenna height and gain
  • receiver power threshold
  • local topography