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Variable Rate & Section Control

Sprayer Section Control

Automatic section control systems utilise the information from GNSS positioning systems to control spray application.

By switching on and off nozzles or sections of the boom, auto-section systems increase application efficiency and chemical utility, while reducing the areas of crop receiving a double dose due to boom overlaps. These benefits are seen when turning over headlands, moving around in-field obstacles (e.g. trees), and in field corners.

Auto-section systems can control down to nozzle level, or the sprayer boom can be split into sections which are turned on and off together. A typical system will consist of an in-cab controller; an electronic control unit (ECU) which joins the controller and spray control valves; section or nozzle valves to control flow; GNSS receiver, and a flow meter and control valve.


  • Reduce input costs by 2-5%
  • Improve chemical application accuracy
  • Improve sprayed areas, overlaps and misses
  • Optimise machine output
  • Apply variable rates
  • Control on sections or individual nozzles