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Soil sampling services from Precision Decisions

Soil Sampling

Our soil sampling services have been designed to ensure maximum efficiency, traceability, and reliability.

Using our own custom software gives us maximum flexibility in the services we provide, so that we can customise your sampling regime to meet your requirements.

We offer many sampling services, for nutrients and for potato cyst nematode levels, and are more than happy to personalise nutrient analysis to your exact needs.

We also believe that soil sampling is more than just producing nutrient maps. Variable rate nutrient recommendations from FACTS qualified advisors are included in your sampling package, provided with machinery files for all major rate controllers, with no extra cost and advice whenever required.

Sampling processes

All our sampling orders start and progress through our online mapping portal, MiFarm. This enables you to place sampling orders with confidence, clearly identifying and naming your fields, and selecting those which require sampling.

The information entered in MiFarm is transmitted directly to the computer system operating in the sampling buggies. Our award-winning software was developed inhouse and is entirely unique to us; its ‘optimised polygon’ technique ensures sample points are evently distributed throughout the field.

Every time the hydraulic sampling probe enters the soil, the positioning co-ordinate is recorded, giving us complete records of exact sample locations, and you peace of mind that sampling is being carried out thoroughly and professionally. When a full sample has been collected, automatic label printers issue a uniquely barcoded label with sample information on.

As a sampling job is finished, the buggy software automatically updates the order status on MiFarm, keeping you up-to-date and informed, and alerts the lab to expect the samples, increasing the efficiency of the process.


We have a very close working relationship with our laboratory partners which enables us to extend our traceability to include the time that samples are at the lab. Completion of a soil sapmpling order alerts the lab that samples will be delivered shortly, and thanks to our close links analysis results are available on MiFarm as soon as the lab releases them – you know your results as soon as we do.

Mapping & recommendations

While results can be viewed on MiFarm when received, we also send paper and PDF copies of maps to you, and your agronomist if requested. Our sampling results are completely GateKeeper compatible and can be published directly to you. In addition, variable rate nutrient recommendations for the duration of your sampling regime are included, with no further or future year charges.


Soil sampling services from Precision Decisions. Accurate and repeatable with full traceability via MiFarm software and app.


  • Award-winning soil sampling services
  • Unparalleled traceability
  • Nutrient, target, PCN and custom analysis
  • Variable rate recommendations with machinery files
  • Full GateKeeper compatibility and support
  • FACTS qualified advisors

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Tamara Hall and Peter Marston

Tamara Hall of Molescroft Farm Beverley and Peter Marston of Stittenham Farms York tell us about why they use Precision Decisions for their soil services.