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Wintex Service & Parts

Wintex - Service & Parts

We use Wintex samplers for our own soil sampling services

Wintex Service & Parts

Why Service your Wintex?

Maintenance of your soil sampling unit is critical for optimum performance, reliability and longevity.

Common issues and failures occur when wearing parts are not replaced at appropriate intervals. Preventative maintenance will enhance the lifespan of other critical components within the sampling unit such as the aluminium guide rails and carriage plate assembly.


It's a hard life for a Wintex.

Your Wintex has an incredibly tough life through a season of soil sampling. Thousands of cycles through sodden and muddy soil in the wet months and then baked rock hard ground in the dry months, and you just hope it will keep on going? Consumables such as probes, extractor rods and tips can easily be replaced in the field. A major breakdown though, will stop you in your tracks so regular servicing is the key to keeping going.


Precision Decisions are the sole UK Agent for the supply and service of Wintex soil samplers

Precision Decisions only use Wintex hydraulic soil samplers for our sampling work. We have been the sole UK agent for Wintex samplers for many years working closely with Wintex in Denmark.

Our engineers and technicians are fully trained by Wintex at their workshop. We maintain and service our own samplers and are happy to quote you for any work or service required on your Wintex.

If you need spare parts sending out to you we can draw these from our stocks and post them out to you. We always hold a stock of the most frequently required parts, such as the 18 and 22mm probe, ejector rods and tips. Tell us what you need and we’ll get it to you as soon as we can.

Our service of any samplers sent to us includes:-

A full strip down and inspection, referral and report back to the customer and a price for all parts and time before we commence the rebuild of your sampler.

Precision Decisions is the sole distributor and repairer of Wintex products in the UK.


Service & Parts

  • Precision Decisions is the sole distributor of Wintex products in the UK.
  • We only use Wintex samplers for our soil sampling.
  • Wintex samplers are robust and reliable.
  • Wintex trained technicians.
  • Full build service available.
  • Full spares and maintenance service.
  • Contact us for your Wintex sampler requirements.