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Variable Rate & Section Control

Variable Rate Control

Varying applications of chemical or fertiliser to different rates across the field can optimise inputs by ensuring optimal rates are applied to different areas.

Variable rate systems can be used on sprayers and fertiliser spreaders, and run either by real-time sensing systems (e.g. Yara N-Sensor), or from pre-prepared prescription maps. In both cases the principle is to adjust application rates to the most appropriate product amount for that area of the field. This may be fertiliser rates based on soil sampling results, or agrochemical inputs based on crop qualities.

System requirements for variable rate applications will vary depending on machinery specifications and some other factors. In all cases a GNSS receiver is required, such as the AGI-4, and a VR capable rate controller. N-Sensor systems are generally supplied with an X20 which acts as the rate controller. Both solid fertiliser systems (including spinners and pneumatic) and liquid sprayers are capable of variable rate applications, although the range within which sprayers can vary the rate is limited slightly by pressure requirements.

Precision Decisions provide variable rate application plans for nutrients and lime as a key part of our soil sampling services; we are also experienced in creating variable seed maps based on the results of our conductivity scanning, or on other sources of information as requested. We are also happy to both generate plans based on your own knowledge or other data sources, or to provide training on the generation of variable rate application plans.


  • Runs with YARA N-Sensor
  • Or from preloaded maps
  • Improve sprayed and spread areas, overlaps and misses
  • Optimise and reduce wastage and costs
  • Apply variable rates
  • Control on sections or individual nozzles