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CropScan 3300H

CropScan 3300H

CropScan 3300H

On Combine Grain Analyzer

Optimize Yield in the field

Protein and Yield mapping provides a more complete picture of the Nitrogen Availability and Uptake in the field.
Research shows that cereal crops with Protein content less than 11.5% have not reached their full Yield potential.
Combining Protein and Yield maps identifies the zones across the farm where the Yield has been limited by Nitrogen.
By using both Protein and Yield data, farmers can develop simple and accurate Variable Rate Nitrogen Applications
to increase Protein and Yield to the Sweet Spot. The “Sweet Spot” is when the Protein and Yield are optimized.


  • Real-time Field Maps for Protein, Moisture and Oil
  • Segregate and store grain in the field or on farm
  • Grain Logistics Software with a Blending Estimator to optimize crop payments
  • Accurate Moisture Measurements. Start Earlier…Finish Later
  • Nutrient Management: Optimize the Yield in the Field

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