YARA classic N-Sensor ALS-1 | Precision Decisions


ALS N-Sensor

With unique sensing technology, N-Sensor provides a flexible variable nitrogen recommendation system with rigorous and dependable agronomics, while the N-Sensor’s additional capabilities make it an invaluable tool for the precision farmer.

The ALS (active light source) N-Sensor contains built in xenon flash lamps, which read the crop in the same way as the Classic Sensor. The self-contained light source means it can operate independent of light conditions – even into the night.

Both systems use the same agronomic algorithms for optimum site-specific fertilisation and both are connected to a terminal in the vehicle which stores and processes crop and GNSS data.

The N-Sensor system

N-Sensor enables real-time variable rate application of fertilisers by measuring a crop’s nitrogen status in a precise, easy-to-use, and cost-efficient system.

Optimal fertiliser rates in every part of the field have a number of substantial benefits: crop potential and fertiliser efficiency are increased (leading to a reduction in carbon footprint of 10-30%); yields are increased using the same intensity of fertiliser while combine performance at harvest is increased by up to 20% because greater crop consistency and reduced lodging make harvesting easier.

While the N-Sensor has agronomic calibrations for nitrogen applications on all major UK crops, its application is not limited to nitrogen. The Sensor’s versatility means it can also be used for variable applications of other products, or in conjunction with a number of specialist modules (for example, potato haulm killing). The N-Sensor’s mapping abilities are ideal for monitoring crop growth, comparing emergence and field performance year to year, and mapping weed growth.


  • Apply Nitrogen variably
  • In exact amounts, only where it’s needed
  • Improve yields and reduce costs
  • Improve harvest performance and combine rates