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Topple Alarm

Topple Alarm

With lone worker safety in mind, Precision Decisions has developed the Topple Alarm. Using a GPS based tracking device.

The unit can be mounted onto a quad bike, tractor or any off road vehicle, and its tilt sensors can be programmed to warn of an over-turn for example.

“We can programme the unit for multiple behavioural patterns,” explained Clive Blacker. “If these patterns or limits are identified or exceeded, the unit will send off an alarm to nominated mobile phones for your co-workers or family, allowing you to be quickly located and rescued.

Using a roaming SIM that can access multiple cellular networks allows the device to maintain network access in remote ares, where single network systems can often fail. Mr Blacker adds that the device can also be programmed with an operator ID, which prohibits engine starting unless the correct ID is used.



Technical specs

  • Viewable on internet connected devices
  • Mobile App
  • User definable alert database via our MiFarm software and App
  • Navigate to point of accident by MiFarm App
  • Ensure lone worker safety
  • Alarms keep sending until a response is received
  • Operator ID