Precision Decisions at these shows this Autumn | Precision Decisions
Come and meet Precision Decisions at these shows this Autumn, November is a busy month for the Precision Decisions team, we’ll be at these four shows.


AgriScot 2017 – 15th November – Upland Hall Block 3

If you’re based in the north of England or Scotland talk to us about anything involving Precision Farming. We offer services and products based on sound agronomics and practical experience, we can give you an integrated approach to your precision farming requirements. Are you looking for autosteer or guidance, soil services, software or data management serivices, we can help you in all these areas and much more as well.


Midlands Machinery Show 2017 – 22-23 November – Stanley Sheldon Hall stand 12

Another chance for you to meet our team and discuss anything relating to precision farming. We’ll be featuring all our services and products and launching new services and products related to remote crop sensing and mapping.


The Potato Industry Event 2017 Harrogate – 22-23 November – Stand 194

Meet our specialists from Precision Decisions Soil Sampling department. We offer a full range of soil services including potato cyst nematode (PCN). Protect your heavy investyment in your crop through our GPS based PCN sampling giving you full control, repeatability and traceability of our service.

When soil samples are examined for potato cyst nematode (PCN) the results are averages based on the cores taken from various places in the area sampled. Since nematodes are not evenly distributed across a field so some parts of the area may differ noticeably from the average.

Each soil sample is assessed for the presence of cysts and this is expressed as a cyst count per 100g of air dried soil.

Cysts contain eggs and it is the larvae from these that attack the potato crop. The number of eggs is expressed as eggs per gram of soil.

Download a PDF on PCN testing here


Croptec 2017 – 29-30 November – Hall 2 stand 28

Another chance to meet us and take a look at our developing products in remote sensing particularly field variability and the expansion of our MiFarm software. If you are interested in trackers, lone worker safety (Topple Alarm) and our range of autosteer and guidance systems and the YARA N-Sensor then this is the show for you.

For more information on our trackers

For more information on our Topple Alarm