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Wintex - UK agent

We use Wintex samplers for our own soil sampling services

Wintex – UK agent

Precision Decisions are the sole UK Agent for the supply and service of Wintex soil samplers

Precision Decisions are the only approved UK Wintex agent.  We supply complete sampler Wintex setups for you to mount onto your own buggy or quad bike, or we can build your entire vehicle up for you.

You can supply us with your own vehicle or we can source one for you.

We have fully (Wintex) trained engineers who are qualified to take on these builds along with servicing your existing sampler units.

Parts for the full range of samplers are available through us.

Wintex Agro is specialised in manufacturing machines for collecting soil samples. They have over 20 years of experience with an established a worldwide network.

They take great pride in creating agricultural tools of the highest quality and efficiency. They also have worldwide input for research and development, and are adjusting their products accordingly.

Wintex Agro is known for high quality and great service. Wintex Agro attaches great importance to precision, reliability, security and user-friendliness.

Precision Decisions is the sole distributor of Wintex products in the UK, so we are able to supply  complete rigs, sampling units, spare parts, and a complete your repairs and servicing requirements.

Our services

  • Precision Decisions is the sole distributor of Wintex products in the UK.
  • We only use Wintex samplers for our soil sampling.
  • Wintex samplers are robust and reliable.
  • Wintex trained technicians.
  • Full build service available.
  • Full spares and maintenance service.
  • Contact us for your Wintex sampler requirements.